Saturday, December 15, 2012

Summary of interim order on NEET PG
New Delhi: Supreme Court gave permission to private colleges, universities and state governments to conduct their own entrance examination for admission into post graduate medical courses. Supreme Court ordered that the results should not be announced until receiving next orders from the Supreme Court. The three member bench who investigated the case said the above on 13th December, 2012.Supreme Court will take up the NEET case from 15th to 17th January, 2012 again.

In brief.....
  1. Next and final hearing of this NEET PG is on 15th, 16th, & 17th Jan 2013.
  2. Private medical colleges including linguistic and minority institutes can organize their separate entrance test for admission to their respective colleges.
  3. State governments can also conduct separate entrance exams. (It is still unclear whether only AP and TN states are allowed or all the states are allowed to conduct separate entrance exam)
  4. Results of these exams should not be declared till the final hearing of NEET PG case. 
Now the issues according to AcrossPG.....
  1. No clear order about states conducting separate entrance exams. AP and TN states have already announced their entrance tests but there is no clear picture of other states. Students of other states are still confused whether to start studying again or not.
  2. Validity of NEET will be decided on or after 15th Jan 2013. But according to me it is highly unlikely for NEET to get cancelled. Exam was conducted on such large scale so it will remain valid, the only question is the number of seats its either 50% central quota or ???
  3. If this situation persists what is the fate of NEET PG from next session. It is very difficult to conduct NEET as a single exam if such situation persists, so whether there will be NEET 2013 or AIPPG 2013 is still a question.

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