Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fake MCI official claims to redress grievances, may be a phishing scam
MUMBAI: The Medical Council of India (MCI) is hit by cyber criminals as fake email ids promising to sort admission issues of students started doing the rounds. The email ids that carry a fake name, mobile number and postal address have been in circulation for a while.

The fake emails have been asking general public to contact the id for redressal of their complaints/problems in connection with the admissions of students into medical course. The emails are worded in a manner that it seems it has been sent on behalf of vigilance cell of the MCI. An email id from which such mails are being sent is ''. "A mobile number and postal address (Sunil Batra, GF-7, Antariksh Bhavan, Connaught place, new Delhi is reportedly sending these emails," states a precautionary statement released by the MCI.

The Medical Council of India informed that no person by the name of 'Sunil Batra' and email id are associated with the MCI. "Public is advised not to have any dealings with aforesaid Sunil batra and/or ' or any other person using the name of Medical Council of India (MCI) unauthorisedly. MCI will not be responsible for any such dealings," it stated on its website. Students and parents can visit the authentic MCI website at 'www.'.

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  1. Dont trust this person called sunil batra and his colleague Riya. who hails from faridabad. i got cheated by them.Be Aware of this two. They are cheaters.will never respond to your call or mail after the cash transaction.

    Name: Riya
    Email Id :
    Mobile: 9818820004

    Name : Sunil Batra
    Email :
    Phone : 09871650364

    The account where i have deposited the cash:

    ICICI A/C NO. 008301534132
    IFC CODE- ICIC0000083


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