Sunday, January 20, 2013

Minority Colleges selling reserved seats, doing irregularities

Bangalore, Karnataka: There are minority educational institutes in the state (Karnataka) that are selling seats reserved for the minority group under management quota.

This was revealed by Karnataka State Professional Colleges Admission Monitoring Committee. Headed by Prof Venkataramaiah, the committee visited many minority educational institutes in the state and found that the institutes are selling the reserved seats, defeating the very purpose of providing quota.

The committee found that some minority institutes have made a business out of reserved medical seats. As per rules, the institutes are required to reserve 35% seats for the respective minority. The reserved seats that remain unfilled have to be surrendered to Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) so that the seats can be allotted to students through counselling, on the basis of merit.

The colleges are committing two types of violations. First, they are selling unallotted reserved seats under management quota, commanding huge price, instead of surrendering them to the KEA. Second, they are ensuring that the number of reserved seats go unallotted by twisting the interpretation of the directive about reservation.

A KEA official said that as per rules, colleges are required to reserve 35% of the overall seats. Many colleges are interpreting that they have to reserve 35% of the management quota seats.

Owing to the colleges’ misinterpretation of reservation rules, many minority colleges have less than 18% students availing of the benefit of the quota.

‘Cancel their affiliation’

One of the members of the committee that prepared the indicting report told DNA that the government should take appropriate action against the erring colleges, including considering stripping them of affiliation.

The committee has submitted its report to medical education department for further action.

The committee visited 10 minority colleges. Seven of them are reserved for linguistic minorities and three for religious minorities. All the three religious minority colleges are following the rules.

Linguistic minority colleges were found to be flouting the rules. In the state, educational institutes are reserved for Tamil, Tulu and Telugu languages. Of them, Telugu and Tamil institutes are flouting the law.


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