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Doctors Training in clinical Diabetology

Doctors Training in clinical Diabetology

Professional Training of clinical diabetology. 6 months course for doctors.

Contact hours
a) Clinical training : 6months-5 days / month
Working Hours : 8 AM to 7 PM
b) Theory classes : online

Course I :

Minimum Qualification : MBBS Doctors who have registered with Medical council or Medical Council of India only are the eligible.
Method of selection and Admission
Every 6 months, 15 doctors will be admitted for the course to maintain standard, to facilitate one to one interaction and to provide special attention to individual doctor, only 15 doctors will be registered for this course.
The Selection of doctors and people is as per CDF policy laid down from time to time.
Periodical evaluation will be done by family of ADA and senior National Faculty.
Course completion certificates will be issued to eligible candidates who have got prescribed attendance, completed project work and obtained high grade in the final grading system.

This course is not approved by Medical Council of India or any other statutory bodies in Tamilnadu or India. The basic objective of this clinical training program is to give training in Diabetology to medical professionals on par with international standards with ADA. This course does not provide consultant Diabetologist status.

Topics covered
Prevalence, Diagnosis, Classification of diabetes.
Type I Diabetes Pathophysiology
Type II Diabetes Pathophysiology
Metabolic changes
Diabetic Ketoacidosis & HHNS
Nutritional aims and principles of diabetes
Nutritional assessment
Education methods
Physical Activity
Pharmacological Management OHS, Insulin
Self Management
Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, HT, metabolic syndrome
Peripheral neuropathy
Diabetic nephropathy
The role of health care professional in diabetes and management
Teaching and learning.
Diabetes and pregnancy

Clinical hands on training will be given on day to day treatment protocols in clinical patient care which involve meal planning, diet counseling, exercise prescription, selecting orl drugs, how to start insulin, how to adjust insulin.
Training on Diabetes related complications like Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Retinopathy and foot care will be handled by respective consultants of CDF.

Diabetes Management in Hospital
Training on controlling hyperglycemia, managing diabetes emergencies, initiating and adjusting insulin therapy in hospital step will given. Training will be given about using insulin pump also.

Camp Activities
Every candidate will be given sufficient exposure about how to conduct a camp, how to treat the patients in camps and follow up camp protocols. CDF organises diabetes screening & treatment camps in and around Coimbatore at regular intervals.
Lab medicine
Sufficient training will be given in diabetes lab medicine with the latest machines like Hitachi 902 and Elecsys 1010. Test procedures, limiting factors, cross reactions, lab quality control, calibration will be discussed in detail which will enable a candidate to run a quality lab. Special attention will be given for parameters like HbA1C, C Peptide, hsCRP etc.,
Each candidate will have to work under different diabetes like Cardio diabetology, Neuro diabetology, Nephro diabetology, Retino diabetology and Foot care. Special attention will be given in the diabetes prevention programmes.
Exercise prescription
Detailed discussion and training will be given or individual exercise prescription.
Tele medicine
CDF is having satellite centres linked with Coimbatore through tele medicine. Interested candidates will be trained in Telemedicine also.
Diabetes Education
CDF strongly believes in patient education. Theoritical and practical training will be given on diabetes education.
Gestational Diabetes
CDF is having special interest in gestational diabetes. along with eminent gyneacologist in Coimbatore, interested candidates will be given special attention in detecting, monitoring and treating gestational diabetes.
Foot care
Interested surgical background candidates will be given advanced training in the surgical management of diabetes foot care by our foot care team.
Additional Special Training
Individual need based training programme in diabetes sub speciality is also available.

Project work
Every candidate has to take up a research project, to be completed within six months. Topics will be given by the course co-ordinator.

Well experienced international faculty, senior National faculty and CDF faculty will impart quality training through co-ordinated efforts.

To apply please down load the application and sent the filled application with DD of Rs.200 in favor of “Coimbatore Diabetes Foundation”

For More Details:

Coimbatore Diabetes Foundation
Multi Speciality Diabetes Care Centre
17, Cowley Brown Road East
R.S. Puram,
Coimbatore – 641002, Tamil Nadu , India
Phone: + 91- 422- 2553770
Fax: + 91 - 422 - 4367671
Mobile: 9363122725, 9362622721 - 31


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