Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Help for uploading Photo and signature for DNB/AIIMS/AIPPG
As almost all the examination bodies started online application forms, it is now required to upload photo ans signature in digital format for filling up the form. I see a lot of students find some difficulty and confusion in how best to upload these without error. So to help such students who find difficulty i am trying to suggest some steps to do this in easiest possible way.

1. Preparing the photo for upload.

  • If u r going to photographer for photo, ask him to give u a soft copy of the same, which u can use for uploading.
  • Note these things before going to the photo studio. - 1. Take a pendrive with you where u can save the soft copy of photo. 2. Read the instructions about the size of photo required in kb (kilobytes - measuring unit of digital data). The size often vary with different exams, for eq: DNB - 10kb - 100kb. it may be different for other exams so read and go. The photo which photographer has are usually of large size so ask him to reduce the size and give u.
  • The usually dimensions of a passport size photo is 140 pixels height x 110 pixels width or it is approx 3:4 (width:height) ratio.
  • Also note if name and date is required as placard or not.
  • Format of photo: mostly .jpg is required. In DNB .jpg is required.

After preparation your photo will look like this:

NOTE: If you wanna do this by yourself at your own PC, You just need MS Office installed on ur PC. All this can be done using a simple software Microsoft Office Picture Manager. This software is available with MS office (Word, excel etc)

If anybody need more help on editing please reply to the post or leave me a message via contact me form.

2. Preparing Signature.

  • If u have a scanner just scan ur signature at 200dpi and crop it to 80 pixels height x 140 pixels width, or read the prospectus about the size required for signature.
  • If u do not have a scanner u can take a photograph with a good camera (mobile camera of 5MP and more with autofocus is sufficient) to get a clear image and crop it to desired size.
  • Remember that signature should not blur and visible clearly. Because blur sig cause rejection of form.
  • Signature is also required in .jpg format.
  • Size in kb is usually between 10kb-40kb. Please read the prospectus carefully for size as it differs in different exams.

 Finally your signature should look like.

Thats all. You are ready to upload the photo and signature. After uploading always check that the preview photo is not looking blur. If it is looking blur then the size might not be compatible. Just recheck the pixel size of ur photo and reedit it.

In case of any other problem, just reply here of use the contact us form.

Hope this post helped you.


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