Monday, June 11, 2012

Masters in Emergency Medicine at Moolchand Hospital
Moolchand Hospital runs this course at their hospital. i am going to post my views here.


  1. Emergency Medicine is still in infancy in India and has a good scope of development in india. With emergence of new Superspeciality tertiary care hospital, need of emergency medicine professional is increasing day by day.
  2. Scope of becoming upto Junior Consultant in ICU and Casulty Incharge.
  3. Decent Pay scale.


  1. Not recognized by MCI.
  2. Cost is bit high.
  3. scope only in private sector.


Masters in Emergency Medicine
In partnership with the Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine (RRIEM) at the George Washington University
Duration: 3 years
Eligibility: MBBS with internship, registration with Delhi Medical Council
Program fee: Rs. 6,75,000

CONTACT Details:

If you are a medical professional and want to pursue higher education, please contact:
DNB Enquiries Desk

T +91 11 4200 0419



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