Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Confusions about NEET PG and DNB CET Dec 2012
With the delay in announcement of NEET there are lots of confusion and rumours spreding about these exams. for example..
  1. Will there be NEET or AIPPG?
  2. Who will be conducting NEET?
  3. If NBE is conducting NEET, will there be separate DNB CET Dec 2012? (yup some people are spreading the word that if NBE will be conducting NEET there wont be DNB CET Dec session, and the merit list will be prepared from result of NEET for DNB also)
  4. When will be the exam NEET or no NEET, i.e. dates of examination?
  5. and many other....
Well what i feel and suggest to all students is... whether its NEET or AIPPG and whether DNB CET will be there for Dec session or not, the subjects and the syllabus will remain the same so in place of taking tension about such rumors, keep the head cool and keep studying as hard as possible... if you are prepared you can take any exam that happens.
Secondly we have already tasted the online pattern once in DNB CET Aug 2012, and it was not that bitter, (i mean all that rumors that paper will be hard as USMLE with long conceptual questions etc, in contrast paper was nothing like that and very basic) so even if there is online NEET there is nothing to fear much as far as u have studied hard.

So just study as if u r studying for All India 2013, and even if there is NEET there will be no problem taking it. As far as DNB Dec session is concerned, most probably it will not be merged with NEET, and even if it does, dont worry u will have one less exam to write....

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