Friday, September 21, 2012

NEET UG: Hindu Mahasabha opposes NEET for state citing syllabus inadequacy

NAGPUR: Even as the state prepares for a common medical entrance exam next year, a city-based organization is planning to put a spoke in the wheel. Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha (ABHM) claims that the syllabus of state board is still not par with the CBSE, hence it would be 'discrimination' against students here. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) will be based on the National Council of Educational Research Training (NCERT) syllabus, which the CBSE follows.

The ABHM claim is based on the state cabinet's decision last week for a common engineering exam. The cabinet decided that the Std XII syllabus will be updated again next year keeping in view the engineering entrance test scheduled for summer of 2014. The state had, in fact, updated Std XII syllabus in the current academic session itself.

Mohan Karemore of ABHM said, "If the government wants to update the syllabus next year again, then it means that the current syllabus is not up to the mark. So, this means that our students will not get a level playing field at all. We will approach the Supreme Court against this decision and also hold a press conference where subject experts will clarify the matter."

However, state board chairman Sarjerao Jadhav had a different take on the decision. "Our books are already updated as per the core syllabus for NEET. The government has further asked us to see if more changes are needed and we are in the process of checking up on that. But I can assure you that our students will not be shortchanged at the NEET next year," said Jadhav.

Even local coaching centres agree with Jadhav, but did not want to come on record because ABHM also has a political side to its operations.

One biology subject expert said, "I think the ABHM has got it wrong, because the syllabus is almost the same." Another coaching centre owner added that while the core syllabus for CBSE and state is same, it is just a matter of how in-depth the topic is dealt with. He said, "While CBSE may look at the topic in greater detail, the state board may just cover the broader points. But this treatment to the syllabus will not have any impact on the performance of students in NEET."

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