Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sting operation reveals medical seats sold for Rs1 crore
Leader of opposition in the state assembly Eknath Khadse created a furore in the lower house on Monday by presenting a CD which contained a sting operation giving proof of ‘deals’ for engineering and medical seats in private colleges run by politicians.

Khadse alleged that students whose name featured in the merit list too were deprived of admission as medical seats were sold for anywhere between Rs7 lakh to Rs1 crore. He said private colleges and universities demanded Rs7 lakh to Rs10 lakh for bachelor of dental surgery (BDS) seats while the rate for a post-graduation course goes up to Rs1 crore.The BJP leader alleged that seven leading colleges and universities, including MGM, DY Patil and Terna medical colleges, are involved in a Rs300 crore ‘fixing’ racket every year.

The leader of opposition said the sting operation was carried out by a parent whose child could not secure a medical seat despite being featured in the merit list. Khadse said the parent spent nearly Rs 1 lakh to expose the scam. The sting operation shows MBBS seats at Terna Medical college are filled under the NRI quota. However, the seats in the quota are converted to the general quota against financial consideration.

Citing the material in the CD, Khadse said DY Patil medical college sells MBBS, BDS and PG seats for Rs20 lakh, R6 lakh and Rs50 lakh respectively. The ‘racket’ earns them Rs80 crore ever year. The sting operation also mentions that a PG gynaecology seat sells for Rs1 crore at MGM college.

Touts and middlemen are involved in the racket and they extort money on behalf of the colleges, alleged Khadse. The CD also suggests one Bhagirath Patil, who was allegedly officer on special duty to the governor of some state, is involved in the racket at one of the colleges. Khadse demanded a thorough investigation of the allegations, saying the sale of the medical seats will lead to anarchy in society.

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