Friday, December 14, 2012

Year 2012 - A big disaster for Medical Students

Well after reading the NEWS that SC has allowed Private Medical Associations to conduct their separate entrance exams, the only thing comes to my mind is.... OMG, when this hell of a year gonna end.

Lets see how this year came for Medical Students...

  1. From the beginning of the year there was confusion over whether the NEET PG will be happening or not. and who will be conducting the exam and what will be the pattern.
  2. Till Sep 2012, there was no update on NEET and All India PG.
  3. In Sep 2012, NBE suddenly announced DNB CET and NEET back to back from Nov 16, 2012 with less than 2 months of notice.
  4. AIIMS and PGI also announced the exams during that period of 16th Nov to 6th Dec.
  5. Initially the dates of AIIMS and PGI were clashing with each other creating confusion amoung students.
  6. A lot of crisis for DNB and NEET forms and exam slot and many students ended up taking exam centers far away from home towns.
  7. The questions in DNB and NEET were out of pattern with lots of memory based and data based questions. Such paper is not a good deal as it does not properly judge the talent of students.
  8. PGI cheating scam. PGI exam got cancelled due to this.
  9. PGI reexam, means students has to travel again to Chandigarh from far away places.
  10. And now the case between MCI and Pvt Colleges which totally undermined the purpose of single entrance exam NEET.
But poor medical students (including me) are helpless. We can just hope that New year 2013 bring some relief from this disaster.

The prediction that The World will end in 2012 might not be fulfilled but for medical community specially PG aspirants in India 2012 was ended as a disaster.

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