Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Are Coaching institutes selling student’s data to brokers?
The main reason I am writing this is because some days ago, some of my juniors told me that they are getting a lot of letters, phone calls and emails from some agents who are claiming to get them the PG seat in private colleges under NRI quota without appearing in any entrance exams. Well the point of surprise here is that none of those students (my juniors) have ever contacted those agents regarding any NRI seat in any college, and were wondering how those agents came to know the personal details about them.

One of my junior directly asked the agent, from where he got the details and why is he contacting him because he never showed any interest in taking management seat, on that the agent did not give proper reply.
If we think reasonably, those agents and brokers may get such personal information like Name, Mobile numbers, address, email ids, & MBBS batch etc., of potential customers only from the following places….

1.       Their Medical College.
2.       The exam conducting authorities like AIIMS, NBE, State bodies, or some private colleges where students have applied.
3.       Coaching institutes where the students joined for their preparation.
These are the places where students are asked to provide all types of personal details. So I was thinking which of the above source is the most vulnerable to sell the information about the students to such agents and their agencies and why?? First thing is why would someone sell this information, the answer is easy… the PG seat selling market is getting costly day by day and there are large bucks on stake, we are taking about hundreds of lakhs of rupees. There is a heavy commission to the agents for selling PG seats. A lot of such scandals were busted recently were a Merit seat was sold for 100 lakhs to students without any entrance exam.
I think that the medical college is the least likely place for such a leak. About exam conducting bodies, they have shown many times that there are possibilities of such leaks to occur but the most easily reachable source according to me are the coaching institutes. The coaching institutes have all the necessary data. Why would they mind making some more easy bucks just by selling the data to such agents? Many coaching institutes have given us the example that they are here for pure business and want to reap each and every opportunity to earn. I may be wrong, and I certainly don’t have any proof of this that why I have put a question mark on the post title rather that making it a statement. But one thing is certain that these agents are purchasing the students database from somewhere at a good cost otherwise it’s impossible to contact totally unknown people at the exact right time and right situation.

If you do not agree and have something to say you are most welcome, share it by commenting on the post.

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  1. I got one such mail by post to get into a course like this.. and I am sure who sold my address... MCI.. nowhere else have I given that address where that mail had come.. Only during my permanent registration in MCI did I give that address.. and soon I got that mail..


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