Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Neet PG Case 22/1/2013: Postponed to 23/01/2013
The case was not taken up today. So it is postponed to tomorrow.

Now this case has become a real pain for doctors across the country. Every time a next date is given by supreme court, all the doctors sit on their computers from the very morning of that date in hope of getting the final result, but in return what they get is another date.
Some of the doctors have planned a quite protest at Jantar Mantar against this issue.

The NEET PG results are also getting delayed due is this delay in NEET PG verdict. Lets see, 25th, 26th and 27th Jan 2013 are national holidays so even if SC gives the verdict on 24th Jan it is highly unlikely that the result will be declared before 28th Jan 2013. On the other hand if the case is again postponed, then GOD only knows when will the result be declared.

Along with this, NBE is also not declaring result of DNB CET, for some reasons know only to them.

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