Monday, February 11, 2013

Medicos not happy with JIPMER PG entrance exam
JIPMER has just conducted the PG entrance exam to fill up the open PG seats for the session 2013-14. But many medicos are not happy with the arrangements at the exam centers. Students say that the security arrangements were lacking at many centers and doctors who reached to take exam were not checked for mobiles and other gadgets. Some students report there were other sorts of mismanagement too. Here are some reactions of medicos who appeared for entrance exam:

"The JIPMER exam centre in pondy- approx 2000 candidates. Single gate. They start letting candidates in at 9.50. Most of us thought theres some delay, exam'll probably start at 10.30 and obviously end at 1.30. By the time some of my friends enter it was 10:10, a few others even later!
Few candidates were already inside and had already started the exam. Paper snatched at 1:00 pm sharp. Exam co -ordinator( a surgeon at jipmer) said its not his fault that so many candidates are in one exam centre, and that we should be thankful that he spent his saturday and sunday in organising the exam! Absolutely no checking/frisking of candidates- to which the co ordinator says- ' we trust the candidates and take their word for it'.............."

"In chennai centre , no checking nothing, any one can bring anything inside!
they didnt check our mobile/bits/electronic devices, invigilator went outside n talking........ was like a class test!!"

"At Delhi centre, the teachers just left the room!!!!!
a candidates mobile phone rang after 1 hr or so, he was just asked to keep it on side, not even scolded, let alsone disqualified!
they didnt allow us to even fill the answer sheets, when it was clearly written that pull out the answer sheet and fill it up before 10.
and yes, we were also admitted 5 min late, but answer sheets snatched on time. i cud not finish it, had to leave 30 questions or so!.................................."

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