Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PGI May 2013 Notification ON, No sign of NEET 2012 result
In yet another mental torture to medical students, and PG aspirants, The notification for May 2013 PGI entrance has come out. And the NEET PG case is still in SC where MCI lawyer has not even started the argument. As for the result of NEET PG, its looking like it will still take a long time before it is declared.

Now if we see from students perspective, they dont still know the status of their selection in NEET, which plays a important role in deciding whether to prepare for PGI again of not. Medicos are in confused state of mind... If they do not prepare for May exams and if they could not make into the NEET rank list, they will lose precious time of preparation and if they prepare again (which is very difficult in confused state as this) and they get selected in NEET, it will be a loss (how... spending for coaching, test series, purchasing question papers and investing time in which they could have joined some job)

MCI and SC should consider this situation and dispose off the case as soon as possible.

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