Sunday, April 21, 2013

Protest by doctors for NEET results from 22 April

Postgraduate medical aspirants from across the country are expected to take out a rally wearing black ribbons and even go on hunger strikes on Monday to protest the delay in declaration of the results of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test – Post Graduate (NEET-PG).

Results of the NEET-PG exam, which was conducted between November 23 and December 6, have been pending since the exam has been challenged in the Supreme Court by a number of private medical colleges.
Over 1.20 lakh medicos who had completed their MBBS appeared in the entrance test for admission in the PG medical seats. There are about 5,000 PG seats in medical colleges across the country.

“It has been over five months but the result has not been declared. This has resulted in tremendous mental stress on the medicos,” said Dr Shakeel Vadaliwala, president of the national body formed by the medicos to press for early declaration of the NEET-PG result.


  1. hey hey if at all 1lakh 20 thousand medicos who appeared are fighting for NEET PG regularisation then all OPEN candidates are fighting for RESERVED CANDIDATES ALSO,and viceversa that is reserved fighting for open .when everybody knows unka number lagnewala nahi hai AND VERY VERYIMPORTANT,a meritorious reserved student can always claim an open ka seat but an open wala can never claim a reserve seat, so open doctors are nothing but fool kargil martyrs wakeup andbetter we aks status quo,the govt is toying with lives of doctors and middleclass lets not fall from standard but instead ask PG seats to be increased.CHANGE THE GAME whichever doc is good at his job will survive in market others even with degrees will perish.congress has habit of causing civilwars and infighting among people and using supremecourts to toy with the lives of people.lets put an end to that.21525 seats and what are the reamining one lakh fighting for?are they meritorious?NOPE!!! their shortsightedness is being misused by polticians to fill swissbanks.ultimately docs have to break their butt here without seeing switzerland.Anyways polticians and Mr.Moneybag docs with nexus have already started corporate hospitals where docs have to seek employment,here awready docs are working for a pittance and skilled docs without degrees will be hired and protected.WHATS THE NOISE ALL ABOUT?? for only a few open seats of pvt colleges???and what if these investors of pvt colleges try out the realmerit of those admitted under NEETpressure.they will recover their losses and investments in the way they deem fit because they worked hard to start those colleges!NOBODY HAS IT EASY IN INDIA AND NEITHER DID THEY who started pvt colleges!docs shaane ho jao chup betho neet ko gov colleges tak hi rehne do and deemed and pvt ko bhi support karo kalko when you work hard you need a fair chance too not certain gov bodies holding you hostage and using your best skills by mafia treatment.either pay ministers to get results manipulated at prometric,NBE or pay deemed story is the same,better to distribute wealth locally and contribute to overall progress than MONOPOLISTIC business practices of ministers in delhi.SIBAL is responsible for perpetrating wars among doctors and elites and trying to concentrate wealth in DELHI and swiss banks.ALL for 4000 open seats of pvt colleges bcz 4000+ are for reserved and better not to think about13518 gov is short and nobody can eat beyond 3meals for a 6 inch belly.AT the most the blessed who slogged to start coll n univ have a helicopter or a merc what diff does this make to the real talent.They are going to have it anyway I've seen BHMS n BAMS treating people n leading happier lives instead of ambitious MBBS filling psychiatry depts and fighting and becoming GAME at the hands of sibal


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